From building custom guns from the ground up and accurizing your long guns, to fabricating custom parts and custom cerakote; the guys from LRK Mechanical do it all. For me, they have built custom precision rifles, AK’s and all manner of AR15. They do nearly all of my custom work and assist me with research projects. Simply, the company name is a bit of an undersell; I refer to LRK as the ‘Prescott Skunkworks’. All three principals are an eclectic bunch, filled with decades of technical expertise and good humor. You will find no one better for any of the gunsmithing work you might desire. I recommend them highly, with no reservations whatsoever. They are the best.

Battle Comp Enterprises LLC



“Consistent” – that is what world I would use to describe these rifles. I have shot them from – 20 degrees in the high plains to 115 in the low valley. The accuracy has been sub MOA and performance has been unsurprassed. The 300WM has provided me with consistent hits on 12″ targets out at 1300m and with the brake setup was friendly enough for my wife to achieve sub MOA hits at 500m.

–JOSH REEVES Precision Rifle
Independence Training.com



It doesn’t take a genius to slap some rifle parts together and make them work. Building a precision piece of equipment that shoots small groups and can do so under the worst possible conditions is another story, but that is exactly what the crew at LRK Mechanical is capable of. These guys are intensively obsessed with delivering only the best equipment to the end user.

–GLEN STILSON Head Instructor
Independence Training.com



Confidence in Equipment allows for confidence in skills. Its important for me in competition that I’m not shooting against any better rifle- that I’m shooting against fellow competitors and mostly against myself. I typically don’t think about the rifles that Phil Lebow (OF LRK Mechanical) builds for me until a competition is over and all things are packed up. It is then that I get extremely grateful for his tremendous talents and experience that leads to my amazing equipment. Range to range, state to state, his guns deliver exceptional accuracy with extreme consistency.




When I come across a provider that consistently delivers top drawer results, I make it a point to share my experience with the public if possible. I have used the folks at LRK to perform all manner of firearms related services… from building custom firearms to repairing broken ones. The results have been outstanding each and every time… period. I have buddies active in the tactical world who have used LRK to build and/or tweak their guns, and they have all been entirely satisfied. Hell, they’ve been downright excited with the results!!! keep up the excellent work you guys!!!

–SONNY L. Location Redacted 09-06-17



LRK Mechanical is an outstanding gunsmith shop that has done fantastic work for me. They are knowledgeable, honest, and reasonably priced. In California and in Arizona, I have had a difficult time finding a gunsmithin I can rely on. Guns are a big part of my life, and I trust and endorse LRK Mechanical completely! My calls were returned immediately and the staff is extremely friendly and professional




About 2 months ago I purchased a new (Brand name Redacted) AR15 but quickly found that the trigger system and overall reliablity of the gun were not up to my standards. I took it to LRK for an overhaul and to find out why it wasn’t reliable. Well not only did they fix it, but they did it fast enough that I could use my new rifle in the local 3-Gun match. Thanks LRK!!

–JASON M. Little Rock, AR. 4-12-15



Just before I took my newest 1911 home, I realized it needed a kickass Cerakote job. Luckily LRK was close by and I was able to drop it off for the full ‘spa treatment’. They Stripped it, media blasted it, de-greased it, and gave it the baddest looking Battle-Worn Cerakote finish I’ve seen to date. You guys rock!

–DAVID G. Phoenix, Az. 6-18-15