Who We Are

LRK is a group of dedicated custom gun builders.

We are also gun enthusiasts.

Each of us brings a slightly different area of focus to the work, and, as

a result, we have specialties within the shop depending on our experiences.

Our skills overlap, letting us all participate in any jobs, where we share knowledge.

Some of us have taught gunsmithing at the college level, including stock making, rifle building,

And machine work.

Our talented machinists have an aggregate of more than 70 years’ experience.

Mature tool making skills allow us to build specialized jigs and fixtures for work where nothing

Exists, but are required for precision and perfection.

ARs (MSRs) and AKs are custom configured by two of our staff in concert.

We tend to staff on bolt gun builds, discussing the best possible options, as all are true customs.

Expert small-part TIG welding is routinely performed as an integral part of restoration, custom

modification and fabrication.

Where warranted, restorations are performed, and missing parts fabricated where no replacements


We perform routine repairs on most firearms, and have one of the very few Colt Double Action

specialists on staff.

Our charter is to deliver all work to the highest possible standards, in terms of quality and finish.

Our success is reflected in our work.