FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS This where we try to save you time and answer all the usual questions that customers ask. We also try to answer any unique questions customers may ask. GENERAL FAQ Q: DO YOU SELL FIREARMS AT THE SHOP? A: We are primarily a custom builder of firearms and we do not have a retail space. Often we build guns for immediate sale and those are often available on Gunbroker. Q: DO YOU OFFER GUNSMITH SERVICES? A: Yes. We have a full gunsmithing shop and staff available on site. Please email or call regarding specific services. Q: DO YOU TRANSFER FIREARMS FROM OTHER DEALERS? WHAT IS THE COST? A: Yes. There is a $30.00 processing fee to receive the firearm and perform the NICS background check. Please contact us via email so that we are aware of any inbound firearms and to ensure that the dealer you bought the firearm from has our current FFL on file. Q: I DON'T LIVE IN ARIZONA, CAN YOU STILL SERVICE MY FIREARMS? A: Yes, we are a fully licensed Firearms manufacture and we can work you you firearm. Firearms my be shipped to us for services by an individual via private carrier (such as UPS or FedEx). Please contact us before shipping any firearms so that we can make sure all legal requirements are met. Q: WHAT IS THE TAX RATE FOR PRESCOTT, AZ? A: The tax rate for Arizona is 8.35% Q: CAN YOU BUILD A RIFLE, HANDGUN, OR SHOTGUN TO MY SPECS? A: Yes we can, just email us your specs, and we will give you a Quote. Q: DO YOU OFFER CERAKOTE SERVICES? A: Yes we do. We have full CeraKote Capabilities and Facilities. Q: DO YOU OFFER ANY OTHER COATING SERVICES BESIDES CERAKOTE? A: Not at this time, but we can refer you to the vendors we use. Q: DO YOU OFFER ANY GUNSMITHING TOOLS OR FIREARMS ACCESSORIES FOR SALE? A: Yes we do. We are always designing new products and manufacturing them. _______________________________ CLASS 3 FAQ Q: IS LRK MECH A CLASS-3 MANUFACTURER? A: Yes we are. We are a Type07 FFL with SOT SILENCERS Silencers are more popular than ever these days and most people enter the NFA world with the purchase of their first silencer. The best way for you to purchase a silencer is through the “Powered By Silencer Shop” program. LRK Mechanical has partnered with Silencer Shop to stream line your silencer purchasing experience. Silencer Shop has real time inventory and extensive reviews on all of the items they stock. We have already negotiated transfer fees with Silencer Shop, so the price you see when you select LRK Mechanical as your receiving dealer includes the full price (you may have to pay additional fees to physically have your finger prints taken locally). To select LRK Mech as your preferred dealer: enter Prescott’s zip code of 86301 in the “set preferred location” button at the right of the Silencer Shop home page, Scroll down to LRK Mechanical and click the button. LRK Mech will now be your preferred dealer. For more information on all of the great services available through Silencer Shop and LRK Mechanical please click the Silencer Shop link below. Q: CAN I PURCHASE A SUPPRESSOR THROUGH LRK? A: Yes you can. We are a 'Powered By' Silencer Shop Dealer. Visit: Q: CAN YOU HELP ME WITH MY TRUST PAPERWORK? A: No, but we do have a local attorney referral service. NFA ITEMS FROM OTHER DEALERS Q; SO YOU'VE PURCHASED A CLASS III ITEM FROM A 3RD PARTY FFL THAT LRK MECH HAS NEVER DONE BUSINESS WITH BEFORE, WHAT NOW? A: Whether it was purchased in store or from an online retailer, the item now has to be transferred into your name. There are three ways to do this: - As an individual, Through a trust, Through an LLC: You will need to set up an appt with our NFA paperwork specialist to begin the paperwork. We will help you through the entire process from fingerprint cards to sending your application to the ATF. Q: WHAT ARE YOUR NFA TRANSFER FEES FOR 3RD PARTY FFLs? A: As an individual, $150.00 As a trust entity, $200 for one responsible party, $50.00 for each additional responsible party NOTE: Above fees DO NOT include ATF tax stamp ($200.00 per item paid to ATF) and finger prints or photos. More NFA FAQ Q: I HAVE REGISTERED AN NFA ITEM THAT NEEDS TO BE SERVICED, CAN LRK WORK ON IT? A: Yes, LRK Mechanical is a Type 7 FFL and a Class 2 SOT (Special Occupation Tax)- which means we can manufacture, service, deal, or transfer either standard or NFA weapons. In order to service your NFA item we need a copy of your current state issued ID and a copy of Approved NFA form. Q: MY FORM 1 JUST GOT APPROVED, CAN YOU ENGRAVE THE ATF-REQUIRED DATA ON MY FIREARM? A: Yes, LRK can handle your engraving needs. Typical NFA engraving costs $60.00 per item. Please email us for you specific needs CERAKOTE FAQ Q: WHAT IS CERAKOTE? A: From Ceralote’s web site “Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Each of these properties is rigorously tested to guarantee that Cerakote products remain at the forefront of the ceramic coatings market. Cerakote ceramic coatings utilize state-of-the-art technology to out-perform any competitive coating in both laboratory settings and real world applications. Q: IS LRK MECHANICAL, LLC A FACTORY CERT'D APPLICATOR? A: Yes, we traveled to the Cerakote facility and went through their training program to ensure that you receive all of the benefits of properly applied Cerakote. Q; WHY IS YOUR LEAD TIME FOR CERAKOTE SERVICES LONGER THAN SOME OTHERS THAT OFFER THIS SERVICE? A: There are many good Factory Certified Cerakote applicators. Many of those providers only offer Cerakote and their processing time is faster because they prep and coat every day. At our core, LRK Mech is a custom firearm builder, as such we typically only coat once a week, which adds wait time to the Cerakote only projects For more technical information please check the Cerakote / NIC Industries site for detailed information.