-ABOUT US- The L, R, and K of LRK Many years ago, 3 friends in California made a decision to start a gunsmithing shop that would provide the highest level work, top level advice, and build products for guns that actually WORK and are worth every penny... They made a decision to start a shop with what they had, a shop that would stand out from the rest. Many years later, that idea has become one of the premiere gunsmithing shops in Yavapai County, and the most well-respected CLASS-3 dealer in the entire Northern AZ area. Phil L, Stephen R, and Matt K have built LRK Mechanical into the shop it is today, and are still going strong. We have achieved excellence and approval in a market where harsh criticism is commonplace. Phil L. "L" An Ex-aerospace Machinist and Engineer, our fearless leader has been building guns since 1990. Starting off when he was still riding a tricycle to work, he has been working in machine shops for the better part of 55 years. When he was just 10 years old, he was indentured to a German Machinist where he learned to file "case-hardened schnitzel" into useful shapes. Stephen R. "R" Our head Production Machinist and lathe monkey has studied with Phil Lebow for a decade and a half and now teaches machine shop skills in the Gunsmithing Program at Yavapai College. While his youth was egregiously mis-spent, we tolerate his continued presence because he cuts a beautiful chamber. Matt K. "K" "The Multi-Purpose Man", Matt K spent 4 years as an Armorer and On-Set Safety Advisor before jumping into the firearms business. He has had the great fortune to study under Phil Lebow on and off for a decade before the formation of LRK Mechanical. Based on Phils sage advise, he avoids filing schnitzel at all costs although he does have the misfortune of handling the ATF compliance paperwork.